Why some food needs to be limited in diet..

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is in fine health and find this post in their best time, as this post’s Subject says the all although topic is common yet not easy to write in brief but most important Point to look after,


I have been observing a drastic change in food choice nowadays, people are more inclined and excited to eat non real synthetic yet expensive food rather than eating healthy and wise, this is what making fast food chains growing epidemically ! and yes its no more an American food now😀





Ok lets come to the business !

I would List “Fast Food”/Junk as the major culprit and cause of many health problems

Remember these food are very high in sodium, refined carbohydrates (sugar) and above all FATs (very high in calories), a common question which every fast food lover does how this food affects on your body by consuming too high calories, too high sodium, high carbs or sugar? Well not much but it simply participates making you obese, a patient of diabetes or hypertension, could definitely help you having a STROKE or a HEART ATTACK, may damage your kidneys maybe your liver !

Sodium, Fats & Sugar always remains the most prominent part of health destructive element though these processed unnatural synthetic foods contains many other health damaging substance which i will try to explain in other posts.

Lets see:

Why too much Salt/Sodium is bad for your Health?

The Simple answer is sodium/salt is associated with blood pressure (Hypertension),

“Excess sodium increases blood pressure because it holds excess fluid in the body, and that creates an added burden on the heart. Too much sodium will increase your risk of stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease” (Live Science)
Every single person need to understand his/her daily limit of Sodium, you can also see in the chart below,










Why excessive FAT is bad for your Health?

Everyone need some fat from diet. But excess of a particular kind of fat – saturated fat – raises your cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease. It’s important to cut down on fat and choose foods that contain unsaturated fat.

Eating more fat can make us gain weight leads to obesity, because foods which are high in fat are high in calorie or energy too. Being obese makes us prone and increase our risk of serious health problems, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as coronary heart disease.
though it doesn’t mean that all fat is bad. We need some fat in our diet because it helps the body absorb certain nutrients. Fat is a source of energy as well as some vitamins (such as vitamins A and D), and provides essential fatty acids that the body can’t make itself, also helps our brain function normally.

Understanding Fats is important as there are three types of Fats

Trans Fats (worse Fat)
Saturated Fats (Bad Fat)
Unsaturated Fats (Good Fat)

It is important to know about the fats and limit its intake as recommended.

I will try writing my next post about the recommended daily allowance intake of fats and other nutrients..





This chart may help you know about your cooking oils which are the largest part of our daily diets and major portion of our daily fat intake comprises on them..




What does too much sugar do with our body ?

Too much sugar restrict you body for fat burning procedure (as too much sugar is excessive energy) which Slower your metabolism and make your body store fats leads to obesity and many other health issues.

Diabetics type 2 or 164798_527844143905029_920085303_n
Unwanted weight gains.

Again please avoid processed or packed food, food with artificial sweeteners soft drinks and food or drinks in high in carbs, never forget to see the nutrition table as product high in carbs are majority high in Sugar..



There are other foods beside Fast Food which participate in the same manners and needs to be limited in our daily diet, such as

Rice (white rice) Major calorie/carb source
Flour (Refined)
Red Meat (Specially from farm fed animal)
White meat (Majority from farm fed Chicken & Fish)
Genetically Altered vegetables and fruits
artificially (Non Organically) grown non seasoned vegetables & fruits
Dairy Products
and many more…


I would not only blame the fast/junk food for the serious health issues our rest of eating habits are also needs to be considered.

I hope this post will add some information to you knowledge, and help you look after you eating habits.

See you again Cheers !

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